Powered by Dataton WATCHOUT, The Big Picture, the largest LED digital wall with the highest definition.
The Big Picture consists of 664 55” Full HD LED screens located at the entrance of Suntec Singapore
The Big Picture | ACETEL


WATCHPAX 2 is the next generation of Dataton's solid-state media player with built-in WATCHOUT multi-display software and license.
Each WATCHPAX 2 can drive two display sources..

WATCHPAX demonstration:

The WIRETAG transponder allows perfect show soundtrack sync with PICKUP audio guide.
Use it with Dataton WATCHOUT shows running on WATCHPAX media players. The WIRETAG plugs into the WATCHPAX; you point and click at the WIRETAG with a PICKUP audio guide, and jump straight into the show soundtrack.


WATCHOUT license
Consists of a single USB license key.
You need one license key for each WATCHOUT display computer and one license key for the WATCHOUT production computer.

A separate licence key is also required for the Dynamic Image Server application.

WATCHOUT site license
For larger (>13 licenses) permanently installed systems there is also the option of a site license.
Please contact us for more information.

WATCHOUT license upgrade
Upgrade from a WATCHOUT Version 4 license key to a WATCHOUT Version 5 key.


W5RACK series
Rugged rack mounted high performance computer, built with quality components, and optimized for performance as a Watchout display. Available as standard with 2, 4 and 6 DVI-D outputs (multi VGA outputs are also possible).
For use with seamless LED walls and in studio applications the display computer can be equipped with a professional graphics card and framelock/genlock synchronization module.

Expansion options
The Datapath Vision RGB-E2(1)S, a PCI Express x 4 plug-in DVI capture card, delivers extreme performance with 650MB/s transfer bus bandwidth. The card has two (one) complete capture channels supporting up to 1920x1200 DVI or 2048x1536 analog resolution.

The Blackmagic DeckLink Studio capture card includes high quality 10 bit SDI video combined with enhanced analog connections to support a large range of video equipment. DeckLink Studio includes fully independent connections for SDI, HDMI, analog component, S-Video and composite video. Blackmagic also manufacture separate capture cards for HDMI and SDI.


DVI Parrot
Carallon programmable EDID manager, records existing EDID but also allows user-configurable EDID management via software and USB connection.

Gefen DVI Detective N
After a simple EDID recording process is completed, the Detective is placed at the DVI output of the computer's video card where it will provide the computer with a constant EDID signal.

DVI-CAT6 Extenders
Gefen DVI-1CAT6
The Gefen DVI Over 1 CAT6 Extender will extend a single-link DVI video signal over just one CAT6 cable at distances of up to 200 feet (60m) at 1920x1200, or up to 150 feet (45m) using CAT5e cable.


To view training videos, visit the Dataton website.


Since the introduction of Watchout Academy at Infocomm in Las Vegas Dataton now hosts regular Watchout Academy training sessions.

Basic skills
The 'basic skills' session is aimed at WATCHOUT beginners and provides a good overview of the setup and possibilities of WATCHOUT. This training is also suitable for non-technical users, marketing and sales staff. The subjects covered fall under three main catagories, Stage, Timeline and Media.

Also covered, basic compositions, live video, dynamic media and auxiliary timelines with external control.

The sessions take approximately six hours and participation is free. Participants must pre-register.

Advanced skills
The 'Advanced skills' session is aimed at users who are familiar with WATCHOUT. This training is ideally suited for producers, graphic designers, system integrators and technicians. Subjects covered are: Composition and Masking, TCP/IP control of WATCHOUT, creating a basic iPhone controller, DMX control recording, Dynamic Media Interacting with a database and 3D.

The advanced skills training session takes place over two consecutive days and upon completion a certificate is awarded.

For information on dates, cost and registration please contact us

In company training for your staff.
For companies where several people work with WATCHOUT, we offer the opportunity to train your staff at your premises. In house training allows for a tailor made packages that covers your specific requirements.

For more information please contact us.


Download the latest version of the Watchout software here.
Watchout version 4.5.1, compatible with version 4 and version 5 license keys can be downloaded here.

The latest Watchout 5 user manual can be downloaded here. here.
A user manual for setting up WATCHPAX can be downloaded here.

An overview of all keyboard shortcuts can be downloaded in .PDF or .PNG format.

On the Watchout forums users share technical tips.

The Watchout Systems Manager comes complete with three applications, Simple Remote, the more elaborate Watchout Remote and the Watchout Scheduler. This software can be downloaded here.

The iPhone app for controlling Watchout can be found in the AppStore.

Other downloads:
Audio channel assignment tool.
The user manual for the Network Transponder.
The software to set up the Network Transponder.

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