Dataton PICKUP audio guide
Dataton PICKUP player


The PICKUP audio guide is an advanced digital audio player. It features a 2GB memory for up to 100 hours of high quality audio, easily downloaded during charging. Sound is reproduced through headphones or the self-contained loudspeaker.

PICKUP Microtag
MICROTAG is placed next to objects of interest in a tour and used to trigger related audio on the PICKUP audio guide. It measures just 34 mm (1.35 in) in diameter and is mounted using a self-adhesive pad or a screw. The lithium coin cell has a lifetime of 10-12 months depending on environmental conditions.

PICKUP Outdoor tag
The OUTDOOR TAG is placed next to objects of interest in a tour and used to trigger related audio on the PICKUP audio guide. It is designed for use outdoors and features a weatherproof case, complete with a bracket and screws for mounting. The tag is powered by two AA 1.5V batteries.

The WIRETAG transponder allows perfect show soundtrack sync with PICKUP audio guide.
Use it with Dataton WATCHOUT shows running on WATCHPAX media players. The WIRETAG plugs into the WATCHPAX; you point and click at the WIRETAG with a PICKUP audio guide, and jump straight into the show soundtrack.


PICKUP Charger
The charger is used for storing and charging max 25 PICKUP units. To load audio content to PICKUP units, set up a master PICKUP, download the content and then clone 25 units in one go. With a size of just 165 x 165 x 52 mm (6.5 x 6.5 x 2.0 in) the PICKUP CHARGER allows you to store PICKUP units in a very limited space.

PICKUP Mini charger
This neat charger is used for storing and charging up to seven PICKUP units. The charger is just 10 cm in diameter and is ideal for installations that use a smaller number of audio guides or have limited counter space.

Headphone PX100-II
These open, dynamic supra-aural mini headphones are perfect for use with PICKUP audio guides. The headphones offer outstanding sound reproduction and comfort. Spare cushions are also available.

PICKUP Neck loop
Comfortable neck loop for use by visitors wearing telecoil hearing aids, set to the T position. The neck loop plugs into the headphone jack on the PICKUP and is worn with a lanyard around the neck. No batteries required.


Visit the Dataton website for training movies. Go to then click Pickup training movies.

Or access the movies directly with the links below:

Preparing PICKUP Sound Files with iTunes
How to use iTunes to turn your original sound files into a PICKUP audio tour. This tutorial provides an overview of importing and tagging MP3 files, the PICKUP way.

PICKUP magic box
The demo kit contains a ready-to-roll audio guide tour. This short video explains how to get the most out of the MAGIC BOX demo kit. Please contact us if you would like to have the opportunity to try out the Magic Box.

Renumbering Transponders
Learn how to set a new identity number for a transponder in your exhibition. This tutorial covers the download of software and walks you through the renumbering process.


Documentation and manuals

PICKUP Producers guide pdf
PICKUP Magic Box pdf
PICKUP Microtag pdf
PICKUP Outdoor Tag pdf
Netwerk Transponder pdf
PICKUP Neck Loop pdf


PICKUP Firmware 1.4 zip
Microtag renumbering software zip
IR Netwerk Transponder Configuration Software exe


Order the PICKUP Magic Box demo kit.
The demo kit contains a ready-to-roll audio-guide tour. There are two MICROTAG units for selecting different languages with five example displays, 1 x HEADPHONE PX100, 1 x PICKUP USB CABLE, 1 x PICKUP LANYARD.
For a full refund, simply return complete within 30 days of purchase, undamaged and in its original packing.

Or contact us for an on-site demonstration of PICKUP and/or WATCHOUT.

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